We had been warned Fasnacht in Lucerne was wild…they were not wrong! This is the one time of year that the usually calm and uber pretty Lucerne lets loose and puts on a show!

The people of Lucern and the surrounding cantons begin making their Fasnacht costumes sometimes a year in advance! Each area has a theme to work with and each area is represented by a brass band who practice all year long!

So on carnival Thursday everyone heads to Lucerne for the beginning of Carnival. There is a huge parade through the streets with floats made by the people and the brass bands all playing. EVERYONE is dressed up, many with huge paper mache heads! We saw all kinds of mythical creatures and animals and beasts and pirates and fairies and knights and centurions and fishermen and everything else you can possibly imagine! 

Here are some of the amazing costumes on parade!

Once the parade is done the carnival continues in the streets with dancing and lots of confetti and eating and drinking and being merry! The brass bands all play on different stages around the city and wherever you go there is music.

The people of Lucerne have the time of their lives and you can’t help but to get amongst it! We danced until the early hours of Friday and met some incredible people.

One of our favourite parts of Wandering is experiencing different cultures but also meeting people from different parts of the world. We often keep in contact with people we have met and meet up with them again when we return. It makes each place we visit all the more rich and meaningful. 

Until next time, pretty Lucerne!