Gift Guides - Under £300!

Wanderer's travel co is all about celebrating those we love! We believe that everyone is special & unique and deserves the perfect gift to reflect their personality!

This year has been a challenging one for all! With many lockdowns and restrictions in place, It's safe to assume that Christmas will look different this year for most people. More than ever before, we have missed seeing those we love with border closures and travel restrictions, making it impossible to visit our nearest and dearest. With HOPE now ahead and restrictions easing, many of us are finally getting to embrace those with love this Christmas! Meaning more than ever, Christmas this year is a time to show them how much they mean to us and how much we have missed and love them!

It’s not always easy to give the perfect gift that reflects your love from them- the way you want it to be shown!  Below is our list of top gifts for under $300! That is bound to make them feel loved!








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