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La Donna II Collezione


There is no substitute for a holiday - a moment in time to relax, unwind, let go of the cares and worries of everyday and throw yourself into the joy of packing a bag for travel; the beauty of another culture, and the delight of making memories with old and new friends.

So, where are you off to next? Or what are you dreaming of? Why not take an intentional step with us into the wonder of vacation planning? Grab an atlas, pull out the old photo albums, watch a documentary, BUY A NEW BAG to join you in your memory-making - and get inspired to see something new in this beautiful world.

Andiamo in Vacanza 2 is our invitation to make your days count. Message a friend, sit down with your loved ones, pull out the budget spreadsheet and dream with us about the joy of travel. Whether it is hiking in the Himalayas, laying on a beach in Biarritz, exploring the markets of Marrakech, skiing the slopes of St Moritz or partying at a beach club in Portofino, we’ve all got the curiosity to traverse the unknown. Who knows? You might find yourself deliriously content and never come back. Or you might just remind yourself of how good it feels to return home.

This new release celebrates some of our very favourite pieces - with a few modern and magical twists. It marries the practical with the prestigious and we can guarantee that wherever you decide to go next, they will only add to the memories you make as you wander the globe and make everyday count.

Cheering you on,
Let's Go on Vacation!
Ben, Alissa and the Wanderers Team

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