The Hopeful Wanderer - Paris

Paris, known as the most romantic city globally, it's hard not to fall in love with what this city has to offer.

Wandering on foot is the best way to truly see this city in all its beauty. Visit the Eiffel Tower in all its wrought-iron glory, the Arc de Triomphe hoarding the Champs-Élysées. Become captivated by the artist and the muse at the Louvre, stocked with its wealth of treasures and stunning iconic architecture. And when you finish sightseeing, don't forget to shop up a storm- after all, Paris is known as the world's capital of haute couture and fashion!

Also, to add to the to-do list is, partake in the Parisian café experience! With rows of tables facing outward to the sidewalks- they have alfresco dining down pat! Grab a pastry that's taste will remain a memory for a lifetime, sip on your long black and people watch like the best of them- for as they say "When in Rome" or this case Paris…The effortless beauty and strength of Paris and its inhabitants are quite incredible. Paris manages to show off for such a grand city without being pretentious; it's tough not to fall in love with it!

Returning home with love in our eyes and hearts, we wanted to create a bag that was also capable of showing off without being pretentious! Excitedly, we introduced the Parisian and Petite Parisian to our range! And just like their namesake, these bags have been on our best-seller list since the moment they were released!


The Parisian & The Petite Parisian

With a zippered closure, a zippered internal pocket, two open pockets, and a huge amount of space it is perfect as a carry on for your next flight or to tote around with you everyday. Simple, classic, beautiful.