La Donna Collection

La Donna Collezione, or ‘The Woman Collection’ is a pinnacle collection for Wanderers - a gift we’ve been waiting with anticipation to offer to you. This entire collection is a celebration of the strength of the women around the world that are an inspiration to us all, a celebration of the women of our team, a celebration of you, and the women who surround us. Our hope is that each piece of ‘La Donna Collezione’ will speak to the beauty, elegance, intensity, and capability of every woman who wears it.

May you enjoy each piece that celebrates the unique and diverse nature of every feminine soul.

26 La Donna Collection
26 La Donna Collection
Elena Crossbody
Elena Crossbody Bags
Eleonora Crossbody
Eleonora Crossbody Bags
Chiara Crossbody
Chiara Crossbody Bags
Rosa Grande
Rosa Grande Bags
Beatrice Crossbody
Beatrice Crossbody Bags
Valentina Grande
Valentina Grande Bags
Carolina Handbag
Carolina Handbag Bags
Alissa Crossbody
Alissa Crossbody Bags
Flora Grande
Flora Grande Bags
Carlotta Handbag
Carlotta Handbag Bags
Sofia Woven Handbag
Sofia Woven Handbag Bags
Valentina Piccola
Valentina Piccola Bags
Rosa Piccola
Rosa Piccola Bags
Valeria Grande
Valeria Grande Bags
Flora Piccola
Flora Piccola Bags
Liliana Wallet
Liliana Wallet Wallets
Sofia Handbag
Sofia Handbag Bags
Gabriella Vanity Case
Gabriella Vanity Case Bags
Margherita Work Bag
Margherita Work Bag Bags
Daniela Crossbody
Daniela Crossbody Bags
Francesca Piccola
Francesca Piccola Bags
Teodora Tote
Teodora Tote Bags
Federica Handbag
Federica Handbag Bags
Caterina Handbag
Caterina Handbag Bags
Francesca Grande
Francesca Grande Bags
Valeria Piccola
Valeria Piccola Bags
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